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The General Terms and Conditions of use apply to all visitors on the websites:,,, to as »website«).  


Owner and administrator (also referred to as »provider«) of the website:

Company Name: PILEUS, Environmental Solutions, Iztok Miklavčič s.p.

Business Address and Headquarters: Pot za Brdom 102, 1000 Ljubljana

Identification Number: 7063385000

Tax Number: SI 82135886

Bank Account Number: SI56 0202 5026 1947 634

Bank: Nova Ljubljanska banka, d.d., Ljubljana

E-mail address:

Phone Number: +38682003451


General Terms and Conditions specify the rights and obligations of the company PILEUS, Environmental Solutions, Iztok Miklavčič the owner and administrator of the website, rights and obligations of users and terms and conditions of use of the website. General Terms and Conditions cover the entirety of the website. For parts of the website, sub-pages or for certain users special conditions could be in effect besides the General Terms and Conditions; the users will be notified about them.

General Terms and Conditions represent a legally binding agreement between the user and the company PILEUS, Environmental Solutions, Iztok Miklavčič s.p.for use of the website and related services. 

Please read the General Terms and Conditions carefully, because by entering the website you confirm that you have read them, that you agree with them and that you are bound by them.





Customers can send an enquiry to the e-mail address


The provider will strive to answer the enquiry in the shortest possible time.  


Provider will prepare an offer based on customer's requirements and agreed upon specifics of the products in question. The offer binds the provider until expiration of the date, given in the offer. 


The contract becomes binding when the provider confirms receiving an order, and does so with an e-mail, sent to an e-mail address, provided by the customer.   


The contract is written in slovenian language.


The provider starts dispatching the order after receiving a 30% advance to the bank account of the provider.         


Copies of receipts are archived at the provider's headquarters. Buyers can obtain a copy by requesting it via e-mail



2.     PRICES: 


All prices are in euros and include VAT as required by law. 




Merchandise can be paid by a transfer to the company bank account, number SI56 0202 5026 1947 634 at Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d.. Payment can be made based on a received offer. Correct reference needs to be added to the payment. Delivery period starts on the day the 30% advance to the company bank account is confirmed to have been transferred. The rest of the payment must be paid in accordance with the agreed upon offer.





All merchandise is owned by PILEUS, Environment Solutions, Iztok Miklavčič s.p., until it is paid for in full.  





Ordered merchandise is dispatched in the shortest possible time after receiving an advance on the bank account of the provider and 21 work days after receiving an advance at the latest.

The provider works with two business partners for package delivery: Pošta Slovenije and DHL.

Pošta Slovenije and DHL deliver the package to the buyer on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia most often the next day after dispatching the shipment (three work days at the most) to the address that the buyer specified when accepting an offer.

The provider covers the cost of delivery to the buyer when the buyer's address is on the territory of Republic of Slovenia. If the buyer's address is not in the Republic of Slovenia, the buyer is required to pay for the difference in delivery costs over the delivery on the territory of Republic of Slovenia.     

If a prior telephone agreement with the provider is made, the buyer can also receive the ordered products personally at an agreed upon site in Ljubljana. There is also a possibility of meeting with an expert, who can advise the buyer on site about usage of the products bought.





The buyer has a right to withdraw from the contract in a 14-day period after receiving the product, without giving a reason for it. The statement of withdrawal should be made in writing. For this purpose customers can use the form below. Withdrawal from a contract can be exercised in writing in another way as well, it is important however, that the statement of intention is unequivocal.   


Withdrawal from the contract can also be done by returning the shipment without a specific reason. If the circumstances do not indicate otherwise, returning the shipment without a specific reason attached is understood as proof of withdrawal from the contract.


If the written statement of withdrawal is sent before the 14-day limit expires or if the merchandise is sent without comment before the 14-day limit expires, the intention of withdrawal from the contract is acknowledged.



A sample Withdrawal from a Contract form:


A written statement should be sent to the e-mail address info@pileus.sior via mail to: 


PILEUS, Environmental Solutions, Iztok Miklavčič s.p.

Pot za Brdom 102 

1000 Ljubljana


Signed below________________ (first name and last name), __________________(address), I declare my withdrawal from the contract to buy _________________________(describe the product and write receipt number). I ordered the product/s on __________(date) and received them on _________________(date).  


In the case of withdrawing from a contract the provider will, no later than 14 days after receiving a statement of withdrawal, refund you the payment, including any delivery costs. The provider reserves the right to withhold the refund until receiving the returning merchandise or until the buyer does not produce proof of sending the merchandise to the provider. 


The merchandise must be sent back to the provider immediately and no later than 14 days after notifying the provider of the withdrawal from the contract. If the merchandise is sent before the 14-day limit ends after withdrawing from the contract it is acknowledged as returned in time. The provider covers the costs of shipping the merchandise in case of a withdrawal. 


The buyer loses the right to withdraw from the contract if they miss the 14-day withdrawal period or if they don't return the merchandise within the required period after stating intention of withdrawal or if they return it without a receipt. The buyer is responsible for any lost value of the merchandise on account of mishandling or mistreatment of merchandise if such treatment of merchandise is not necessary for determining the nature, properties or functioning of the products.





Customers can send faulty products complaints and requests to the email addresss or via mail to the following address: 


PILEUS, Environmental Solutions, Iztok Miklavčič s.p.

Pot za Brdom 102 

1000 Ljubljana


If the buyer is a legal entity, they have, in accordance with the Code of Obligations law, the right to request: that the provider repairs the fault(s) or send a replacement without a defect (fulfilling the contract), to ask for a price reduction, or to withdraw from the contract and ask for a refund. 

A buyer, who is a legal entity, is required to check the product in the customary way and notify the provider immediately or no later than in an 8-day period. The buyer is required to send a written complaint and describe the fault(s).  


If the buyer is a natural person, they have the right to request that (in accordance with article 37.c of the Consumer Protection Law) if any faults are found, the provider repairs the fault(s) or replaces the product with a new and faultless product, gives a full refund to the buyer or gives a partial refund in proportion to the fault.

The buyer can exercise the rights stemming from responsibility for faulty products in a 60-day limit from the day the fault was discovered or 2 years from the day of product delivery at the latest. 

The buyer must exercise his rights stemming from responsibility for faulty products in writing by specifying their first name, last name, address, bank account number and detailed description of the fault(s). The buyer should send the request to info@pileus.sior via mail to the following address.


The buyer sends the faulty products to the provider's address at the provider's expense: 


PILEUS, Environmental Solutions, Iztok Miklavčič s.p.

Pot za Brdom 102 

1000 Ljubljana




Products have a guarantee, if it is declared on a receipt or included as a separate document. Guaranteee is valid when following instructions written on the guarantee certificate and submitting a receipt. Deadlines for the guarantee are listed on the certificate or the receipt. Unless specified otherwise the guarantee lasts for 1 year.   


Manufacturer, seller or an authorized service provider is bound by law to enable the customer to make a guarantee claim to make sure the merchandise they bought is flawless. The buyer can claim the guarantee with the provider, seller or an authorized service provider. 

Manufacturer is required to finish the guarantee repairs in 45 days after receiving the product or alternatively replace it with an equivalent and faultless product. 

Return of the merchandise is done in accordance to the conditions declared by the manufacturer on the guarantee and the buyer is not required to cover any expenses in regards to returning the merchandise.





All products are checked before shipping and sent undamaged in a suitable packaging.

If a customer notices a defect on the product or damage on the packaging, missing contents or signs of tampering,  they should file a request for compensation with Pošta Slovenija or DHL. 

They can do that by bringing the package to the post office as soon as they notice the damage or no later than 30 days after receiving the package. In an office of Pošta Slovenije the buyer should fill out a »Claim for compensation« form and a »Damaged package report« form, which the buyer has to sign. The provider, together with Pošta Slovenije, will make sure, that the compensation claim will be resolved in the shortest possible amount of time.

If the damage to the package occured during transport with DHL, the claim needs to be filed immediately.   





The Courts of the Republic of Slovenia in Ljubljana, Slovenia, have jurisdiction for resolving any and all disputes related to the website and the General Terms and Conditions that the website administrator and user can not mutually resolve.





All rights reserved. All text, images, photos, graphics, animations and software is subject to copyright laws. Any futher publication, forwarding, reproducing or other use of listed materials is allowed for private purposes only.