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TROLL Battery Pack

TROLL Battery Pack
TROLL Battery Pack
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  • Model: TROLL Battery Pack
  • MPN: Bat pack TROLL

The titanium TROLL Battery Pack supplements internal battery power for frequent fast sampling or long-term deployments with an Aqua TROLL 100/200, BaroTROLL, or Level TROLL 400/500/700.

When the battery pack is connected, the device uses the external battery source first, switching to the internal battery once external battery power is depleted. Communications pass through the battery pack.


  • Adds an estimated 1.1 years of extra life to Level TROLL Data Loggers*
  • Adds an estimated 4.1 years of extra life to Aqua TROLL Data Loggers*

*Logging all available parameters at 15-minute intervals


  • Titanium battery pack
  • Instruction sheet