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Tube 300R Telemetry System

Tube 300R Telemetry System
Tube 300R Telemetry System
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  • Model: Tube 300R Telemetry System
  • MPN: Tube 300R

The Tube 300R Telemetry System is a durable, stainless steel telemetry unit that can be used discreetly at borehole locations vulnerable to vandalism. The Tube 300R transmits data for a single instrument on a cellular network, with automated data logging and event alarms for remote data collection, configuration and troubleshooting. Easily integrate into HydroVu Data Services for real-time evaluation of site data and conditions.


  • 5+ year battery pack
  • Sub-2 inch diameter (5 cm / 1.97 inch body, 5.2 cm / 2.05 in top cap)
  • Data logging and transmission (direct-read or wireless)
  • Automatic barometric compensation
  • Alarm notifications for parameter thresholds, malfunction and tampering
  • IP68 rating (cannot operate submerged)
  • Connect up to 5 instruments with a TROLL Net Hub (sold separately)
  • 2G and 3G units available


  • Protect your investment – Low-profile system with automated alerts keeps equipment and data safe.
  • Less data processing – Built-in sensor automatically compensates for barometric pressure.
  • Streamline data collection – Integrate with HydroVu Data Services to simplify the task of filtering data for important results.
  • Respond to events faster – Real-time parameter threshold alerts keep you updated on important changes.
  • No more data gaps – System recognizes and sends any missed data, and duplicate logs give you confidence in even remote locations.
  • Save money – Low-maintenance unit and 5+ year deployments reduce equipment costs and trips to the field.


  • Tube 300R unit
  • Battery pack
  • 512 MB SD Card
  • Quick Start Guide