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Ultrasonic Wind Sensor CV7-V

Ultrasonic Wind Sensor CV7-V
Ultrasonic Wind Sensor CV7-V
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  • Model: Ultrasonic Wind Sensor CV7-V for Terrestrial application
  • MPN: CV7-V

Static wind sensor

A conventional wind vane/anemometer features mechanical rotating parts. These moving parts expose the sensor to failure. CV7 series was extensively tested in Marine applications for both precision and robustness.

Configurable wind sensor

CV7-V can be programmed and configured for: angle correction, smoothing time constant, units of measurement and interface format.

CV7-V connexion

CV7-V can be used connected to a PC and any systems featuring an NMEA® input port and specific pieces of equipment using conventional formats. In PC mode, this bidirectional sensor can be set up for angle correction, damping, measure units and interface format.


All LCJ Capteurs are designed and manufactured in the Nantes region in France where they are fully tested throughout the manufacturing process.