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Ag/AgCl - reference electrode

Component of a measuring circuit to determine the redox potential (EH, ORP) and/or pH-values fo..

373.32€ Ex Tax: 306.00€

Connection module for pH and Redox potentials

Monitoring of soil-pH and redox potentials in field and  laboratory.Features:- high input resis..

1,744.60€ Ex Tax: 1,430.00€

In-situ soil pH probe

Permanent in-situ measurement of the soil pH in laboratory and field applications, frost resistant,..

364.78€ Ex Tax: 299.00€

Redox electrode (according to Mansfeldt)

Measurement of the Redox potential (Eh) in soil; field and laboratoryimplementation is possible.Prin..

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Tensiomark - Matric potential sensor

The TensioMark measures the soil water potential or matric potential. The soil matric potential ..

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