Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

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AVO - Sensor to Cloud solution

Avo is a complete monitoring station platform. It includes all hardware, software and services need..

1,787.00€ Ex Tax: 1,464.75€


Cell-Net is a simple cellular telemetry solution for new or existing remote monitoring stations. Ce..

890.30€ Ex Tax: 729.75€

DataLogic 3000

Data logger The DataLogic 3000 is a full-featured logger that will meet the data acquisition, proce..

Desiccant cartridge for SDX/Smart PT

The SDX is a “Wet-Wet” device. While it is important to keep the SDX cable’s vent tube unobstructed..

38.43€ Ex Tax: 31.50€


The Stevens DLight is a flexible and versatile data logger, ideally designed for applications that ..

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True cloud-based sensor configuration, logging, reporting and data analysis all-in-one. eTracker&nb..

1,338.65€ Ex Tax: 1,097.25€

GOES Yagi Antenna

The 10-element, cross-polarized GOES Yagi antenna features a sealed rod feed system to withstand ha..

GPS antenna

GPS antenna cable used to allow Stevens SatComm GOES transmitter to obtain GPS location and time inf..

HydraGO C

Wireless sensor-to-smartphone interface for HydraProbeTake soil measurements anywhere for those appl..