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Additional Cable for GroPoint Sensors

Add to your sensor order (which includes a standard 5 m cable) for a custom cable length...

Bluetooth Sensor Pod

Retrieve data wirelessly to your smartphone.The Bluetooth Sensor Pod is both a data logger and a wir..

GP-DL4 Data Loggers

Simple, effective and reliable automatic recording of sensor data.GroPoint data loggers provide an i..

GP-DU Handheld Sensor Reader

Instant readings of current conditions measured by your in-situ sensors.The GP-DU handheld reader gi..

539.30€ Ex Tax: 442.05€

GroPoint 4-Port SDI-12 Expansion Bar

Connects to any open channel of a GroPoint data logger and provides connectors for up to f..

GroPoint Classic

The original analog GroPoint moisture sensor, with legendary ruggedness and accuracy.GroPoint Classi..

350.99€ Ex Tax: 287.70€

GroPoint CloudConnect

Soil Sensor Cellular Transport + Cloud InterfaceGroPoint CloudConnect is a power-efficient, 2-way ce..

GroPoint Lite

Accurate and reliable analog or digital soil moisture probeThe GroPoint Lite soil sensor is robust, ..

189.59€ Ex Tax: 155.40€

GroPoint Pro

Moisture, salinity (electrical conductivity), temperature and wetting front in a single SDI-12 senso..

477.81€ Ex Tax: 391.65€

GroPoint Profile

Multi-segment soil moisture and temperature profiling probe GroPoint Profile provides cost-effe..

912.07€ Ex Tax: 747.60€

Pilot Rod for GroPoint Profile

Attaches to slide hammer, makes a hole the exact size of the GroPoint Profile probe being ..

SDI-12 Alligator Clip Adaptor

Lets you use your GP-DU Handheld SDI-12 Sensor Reader with non-GroPoint SDI-12 sensors...

Slide Hammer for GroPoint Profile

Makes installing GroPoint Profile quick and easy without excavating...