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Brand: ecoTech
Component of a measuring circuit to determine the redox potential (EH, ORP) and/or pH-values for application in the field or labaratory.Features:Benchmark for the potential differenceSuitable for redox- amd pH measurementsLeaching of KCl minimized by salt bridgeLong life cycleDifferent designs ..
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Brand: ecoTech
Monitoring of soil-pH and redox potentials in field and  laboratory.Features:- high input resistance- galvanic channel seperation- output signal SDI-12- one, two, and four measuring circuits adjustableMeasuring modes (programmable): Circuitsph/Redox-electrodesRef.-electrodes1up to 712up to..
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In-situ soil pH probe In-situ soil pH probe
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Brand: ecoTech
Permanent in-situ measurement of the soil pH in laboratory and field applications, frost resistant, durable, low maintenance.Principles of operationThe pH glass probe for soils works in combination with a separated reference electrode (Ag/AgCl) as a two probe electrode. It is therefore protected aga..
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Redox electrode (according to Mansfeldt) Redox electrode (according to Mansfeldt)
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Brand: ecoTech
Measurement of the Redox potential (Eh) in soil; field and laboratoryimplementation is possible.Principles of operationThis execution of a redox electrode was developed by Prof. Dr.Mansfeldt, University of Cologne, and was optimized by ecoTech in cooperationwith the Bavarian Environmental Protection..
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Brand: ecoTech
The TensioMark measures the soil water potential or matric potential. The soil matric potential is the pressure it takes to pull water out of the soil and is an indicator of stress to plants and crops, can be used to determine soil water fluxes and available water held in the soil. Water equilibrate..
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