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Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

Avo is a complete monitoring station platform. It includes all hardware, software and services needed for data acquisition, cloud-based data storage, viewing and analysis. It makes any sensor data easily accessible and the station remotely configurable. Waterproof and weatherproof packaging for..
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Cell-Net is a simple cellular telemetry solution for new or existing remote monitoring stations. Cell-Net offers a web-based configuration utility that makes it easy to install and configure forwarding of remote data to any destination. Unlike typical cellular modems which have a constant high powe..
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Data logger The DataLogic 3000 is a full-featured logger that will meet the data acquisition, processing, control and communication requirements of even complex stations. Data is stored internally and also backed up on a removable SD Card (up to 2 GB) for additional redundancy and easy transfer to ..
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The SDX is a “Wet-Wet” device. While it is important to keep the SDX cable’s vent tube unobstructed for barometric pressure compensation, neither the pressure transducer nor internal electronics are damaged by condensation or moisture entering the vent tube. For best results, Stevens recommends the ..
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The Stevens DLight is a flexible and versatile data logger, ideally designed for applications that don’t require as many inputs or outputs as the DataLogic 3000. Four single-ended analog input channels are available and feature voltage surge and lightning protection to help protect sensitive instrum..
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True cloud-based sensor configuration, logging, reporting and data analysis all-in-one. eTracker is the gateway between the sensors and the cloud. Data communication and IT infrastructure are merged under one user interface experience. eTracker was designed from the ground up to embrace the cu..
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