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Brand: Onset
A stainless-steel temperature probe with pointed tip for use with HOBO U-Series. Accuracy and resolution vary according to attached logger model. Measurement range is -40° to 100°C (-40° to 212°F) in air or water; response time is 3 minutes typical to 90% in air moving 1 m/sec (2.2 mph); response ti..
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Brand: Onset
Only 3 x 4 cm, this tiny data logger measures temperatures over a wide temperature range. The TidbiT v2 provides 12-bit resolution and has ±0.2 °C accuracy. It is designed for outdoor and underwater environments and is waterproof to 300 m (1000 ft). An optical USB interface allows use..
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Brand: Onset
The U2X Housing is a protective enclosure for mounting Onset's HOBO® U24 conductivity and HOBO U20 and U20L water level data loggers. The U2X housing is designed to allow a data logger to be mounted in harsh environments while not restricting the flow of media around the dev..
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Brand: Onset
This kit increases the number of U30 sensor inputs from five to ten. It includes weatherproof cable-entry points for five additional sensors, plus two other cables...
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Brand: Onset
The Ultrasonic Wind Speed and Direction Smart Sensor is compact and rugged with no moving parts. Because this sensor is ultrasonic it is able to measure very low wind speeds, down to 0.4 m/s (compared to 1.0 m/s for mechanical sensors). As with all Onset smart sensors, this sensor is plug-and-play w..
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Brand: Onset
This USB data logger-to-PC communications cable is six feet long and coated in black plastic...
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Brand: Onset
A Keyspan USB-to-serial adaptor for use with all RS-232 serial devices and a PC 3.5 Interface Cable for PC computers.In what environment does this cable operate?This cable operates in an indoor environment...
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Brand: Onset
UV Protection Caps to U23 Series Data Loggers..
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Brand: Onset
A hard-sided case with foam inserts that holds four HOBO Water Level Data Loggers and an Optic USB Base Station or Waterproof Shuttle...
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Brand: Onset
A 6.5-inch (16.5 cm) long, Xenoy weatherproof housing that protects the connection between sensors and sensor extension cables (S-EXT-M025).Highlighted FeaturesProvides weatherproof protection for connections that withstands short-term submersions.Easy, clean assembly - no tools or silicone grease r..
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Brand: Onset
This locking well cap provides convenient mounting for HOBO loggers in wells. Used with the HOBO MX2001 it supports the logger at the top of the well for optimal wireless transmission range.Highlighted FeaturesMounts on standard 2” (5 cm) PVC and steel wellsIncludes mounting disk with bolt for suspe..
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Brand: Onset
The Wind Direction Smart Sensor is a research-grade plug-and-play sensor for measuring and logging wind data. It provides average wind direction for the measurement interval. This highly-durable wind vane has a drip overhang for anti-icing. Its shielded stainless-steel ball bearings and static-..
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