Wind speed and Direction

Wind speed and Direction

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Davis® Wind Speed and Direction Smart Sensor

Davis® Wind Speed/Direction Smart Sensors are compatible with all HOBO weather station loggers,..

422.73€ Ex Tax: 346.50€

Ultrasonic wind anemometer (for Davis Vantage Pro 2 stations)

Ultrasonic wind anemometer enables even more precise wind measurements for the owners of Davis Vanta..

823.50€ Ex Tax: 675.00€

Ultrasonic Wind Anemometer CV7-E

The CV7-E shows a data rate twice faster than the CV7 and CV7-V with a data output 4 per second. The..

913.78€ Ex Tax: 749.00€

Ultrasonic Wind Anemometer OEM for custom installation

CV7-OEM shows the same features as the CV7 standard: light, compact and low energy consumption.With ..

707.60€ Ex Tax: 580.00€

Ultrasonic Wind Anemometer OEM Micro

Ultrasonic Wind Anemometer OEM Micro is an OEM sensor designed for integration in other origina..

683.20€ Ex Tax: 560.00€

Ultrasonic Wind Anemometer SDI12

Ultrasonic Wind Anemometer SDI12 is made from the CV7-V to which a SDI12 protocol and optimizin..

950.38€ Ex Tax: 779.00€

Ultrasonic Wind Speed and Direction Smart Sensor

The Ultrasonic Wind Speed and Direction Smart Sensor is compact and rugged with no moving parts. Bec..

1,154.12€ Ex Tax: 946.00€

Wind Direction Smart Sensor

The Wind Direction Smart Sensor is a research-grade plug-and-play sensor for measuring and logging w..

493.19€ Ex Tax: 404.25€

Wind Speed and Direction Set Smart Sensor

The Wind Sensor Set includes Onset's research-grade plug-and-play Wind Speed Smart Sensor and the Wi..

787.82€ Ex Tax: 645.75€

Wind Speed Smart Sensor

Measure wind speed from 0 to 76 m/s (0 to 270 kph). This smart sensor provides data report..

339.47€ Ex Tax: 278.25€