Soil Moisture

Soil Moisture


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10HS Soil Moisture Smart Sensor

Measure soil moisture over a large volume of soil with the affordably-priced 10HS Soil Moisture Smar..

195.99€ Ex Tax: 160.65€

EC-5 Soil Moisture Smart Sensor

This affordably priced soil water content sensor offers a two-tine design for easy installation. In ..

195.99€ Ex Tax: 160.65€

GroPoint Classic

The original analog GroPoint moisture sensor, with legendary ruggedness and accuracy.GroPoint Classi..

350.99€ Ex Tax: 287.70€

GroPoint Lite

Accurate and reliable analog or digital soil moisture probeThe GroPoint Lite soil sensor is robust, ..

189.59€ Ex Tax: 155.40€

GroPoint Pro

Moisture, salinity (electrical conductivity), temperature and wetting front in a single SDI-12 senso..

477.81€ Ex Tax: 391.65€

GroPoint Profile

Multi-segment soil moisture and temperature profiling probe GroPoint Profile provides cost-effe..

912.07€ Ex Tax: 747.60€


HydraProbe is a rugged soil sensor with patented technology that provides continual, consistent ..

544.43€ Ex Tax: 446.25€

HydraProbe Field Portable

Take soil measurements anywhere for those applications not requiring a permanent soil monitoring sy..

3,202.50€ Ex Tax: 2,625.00€

Tensiomark - Matric potential sensor

The TensioMark measures the soil water potential or matric potential. The soil matric potential ..

827.16€ Ex Tax: 678.00€