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The new HOBO MX Soil Moisture and Temperature Data Logger
  • The industry’s only low-cost, fully integrated soil moisture logger with Bluetooth wireless data offload
  • Easy installation
  • Quick setup
  • 2+ years of measurements
Authorized Battery Replacement Service Center
  • Fast service times
  • Free data recovery
  • Technical support
  • Calibration check
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VuLink - a global cellular telemetry device
  • One-Press Setup
  • In-Well Mounting
  • Free Global Cellular Data
  • Extended life
AquaTROLL 600
AquaTROLL 600 customizable powerful multiparameter sonde, measure RDO, pH/ORP, conductivity, salinity, temperature, turbidity, ammonium, nitrates, water level,...
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Rain & hail disdrometer
Maintenance free and reliable rain intensity measurement, hail detection and disdrometer for a wide array of applications.
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NEW RX3004 Remote monitoring station!
- Now supporting 4G service
- Faster data upload
- Optimized for HOBOnet system
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HOBO Water Level Station
Water level data anywhere, anytime? You got it.
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Agriculture, Wheat
Groundwater, Desert well
Groundwater, Desert well
Water management, Forest
Soil monitoring, Landslide
Civil protection, Floods