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GroPoint Classic

GroPoint Classic
GroPoint Classic
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  • Model: GroPoint Classic
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The original analog GroPoint moisture sensor, with legendary ruggedness and accuracy.

GroPoint Classic is the original analog soil sensor from GroPoint, with a rugged design that has been proven over decades of use. The sensing element is manufactured from a solid 7 mm (0.28") stainless steel rod, and all electronics are sealed in water-proof epoxy.

The 4-20 mA output integrates easily with common irrigation control and management systems, and it's also available with 0-5 mA output. The standard 5m cable can be extended to up to 150 m (500') and terminates in a rugged IP66/68 environmental connector or bare wires.

The sensor features a larger area of influence than other GroPoint sensors - about 10 cm (4") surrounding the sensing element. It can be calibrated specifically for sandy soils, high salinity and clay soils or a broad range of soils. Please specify when ordering.

The GroPoint Classic responds immediately and accurately to changes in soil moisture. It's extremely rugged, easy to install and requires virtually no maintenance, providing years of reliable service.

    • Fully potted electronics for excellent durability and consistency of operations.
    • Stainless steel sensing element provides years of maintenance free, reliable sensing.
    • 4-20 mA interface options provide easy and simple integration into common irrigation management and control systems.


  • Measures soil moisture.
  • 4-20 mA interface provides easy integration into common irrigation management and control systems.
  • Also available with 0-5mA output.
  • Based on field-proven TDT soil moisture measurement, and features some aspects of TDT5 technology.
  • Low power consumption - suitable for remote applications.
  • Comes with 5 m (16.4') durable cable (4-pin IP68-rated EN3 connector optional).