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AVO - Sensor to Cloud solution

AVO - Sensor to Cloud solution
AVO - Sensor to Cloud solution
AVO - Sensor to Cloud solution
AVO - Sensor to Cloud solution
AVO - Sensor to Cloud solution
AVO - Sensor to Cloud solution
AVO - Sensor to Cloud solution
Ex Tax:1,464.75€
  • Model: AVO
  • Weight: 305.00g
  • Dimensions: 4.10cm x17.00cm x12.20cm
  • MPN: 80060-70

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Avo is a complete monitoring station platform. It includes all hardware, software and services needed for data acquisition, cloud-based data storage, viewing and analysis. It makes any sensor data easily accessible and the station remotely configurable.

  • Waterproof and weatherproof packaging for deployment in harsh environments.
  • Mounts directly to a pole, or it can be placed inside another enclosure with an externally mounted antenna.
  • Supports SDI-12, analog, and pulse sensors, providing flexible deployment options.
  • Integrated cellular transceiver with intelligent network connection management ensures low-power, extremely reliable data acquisition.
  • Data logged locally on an SD flash storage card as redundant backup.
  • Pre-provisioned for instant cellular network connection and simple, reliable setup (use user-supplied SIM cards outside USA).
  • No software installation, simplifying your IT infrastructure.
  • One year subscription to Stevens-Connect cloud hub software is included.

Unique Features

Unified data interface experience: Sensor configuration, data storage, custom algebraic equations, custom data formats and forwarding, control, analysis, alarm notifications (email, SMS), reporting and actions all done with one simple cloud- based user interface.

Easy configuration: Configure with your smartphone, tablet or PC via the cloud-based Stevens-Connect. No custom programming or scripts required.

Automated updates: Updates to firmware and cloud-based application can be automaticly installed.

Security: Three user access levels for configuration, data management interface and visualization. Optional data encryption available.

Redundancy: All data is saved locally on an SD storage card, and once on the cloud is replicated on a redundant data server and backed up nightly.

Connection verification: Avo verifies connection with cell network and server connection before data is sent. If no connection is available or if data reception is not confirmed, data is saved and sent the next scheduled transmission.

Data format flexibility: Optionally forward data in various formats for third party software platforms, like Aquarius or WISKI, and in other formats such as binary, pseudo-binary, SHEF, and more.

Direct data access options: Third-party programs can access data using REST API or HTTP post.